What is the Internet?


In simple terms, the Internet is a collection of millions of computers around the world that are connected between one another. Connection media used can be through telephone lines, the optical fiber (fiber optic), coaxial cable (coaxial cable), satellite or with wireless connections.


When we log on (in this case connected) with the internet, we are granted access rights to other computers around the world that are also connected to the internet. With increasingly rapid technological advancements, now the internet can be contacted with a wireless connection from a handheld PC or from a notebook computer.

Once connected to the internet we can do a number of things, for example: sending and receiving e-mail, chatting with text or voice media, surfing on the World Wide Web, or other things with particular application software.

Simply put, the way Internet works is the same as a postal system or a delivery parcel system, except the Internet works very fast.
For example, if we are now in Surabaya and will send an email to America after we press the Send (Send) button then our email will go to the mail server. (This mail server is usually not the computer that we are currently using, but part of the service that is on the Internet, so we can just leave the Internet after pressing the Send button without interrupting the process of sending the email). Then, our mail server will try to contact the mail server in America through the Jakarta – Singapore – Japan – America route or if the route is busy, it can use the Australia – America route.

Data packets on the Internet have a certain size so that if our email was large enough it could be divided into several packages and each package could be sent with a different route. After arriving in America, the mail server there will rebuild our e-mail into one whole piece that is ready to be presented.

If the satellite used in these routes is busy then our mail server will try to send it back after a while until it is actually sent. If up to a maximum of more than 4 days (depending on the settings of our mail server) the email cannot be sent then an email will be sent notifying us that our email does not arrive.

The route that data packets must traverse on the Internet is very long and involves a large number of computers all over the world, so that if the data we send is personal and/or important data, we recommend using a secure server, which is a data encryption facility before sending data to another computer and decryption facility when receiving data packets from another computer.


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