What is 500 Internal Server Errors


500 Internal Server Error means that something is wrong with the website, why did I get this message? What does it mean? This means that the website is experiencing problems with the server but the server cannot explain in more detail what is happening. This 500 error page will appear in any OS and browser if indeed the server is having a problem, this error message will appear on the page tab of the site in question.

No need to worry, this error 500 is not caused by the device you are using or the connection network that is connected but this is purely a mistake on the part of the website owner. Can a problem like this be overcome?

Overcoming 500 Internal Server Errors

Although this is a server error, this problem can be a temporary problem. Maybe some of the ways below can help:

  • Delete browser history, because problems like this can be temporary. There is nothing wrong with trying to delete the browser’s search history to clear cache and cookies from every website including the problematic website. After being deleted, please try again to visit the website.
  • Refresh, because problems like this can be temporary so try refreshing / reloading the page.

If you have done this method but there is still an error, just leave it for a few moments. Will be recovered later, do not be too dizzy.

Note : If this error appears when submission (sending process), please be careful when refreshing because this can make a duplicate.


If your website has a problem like this, try to fix it. Although this problem is caused by the server, it never hurts to try to check the website files used. Here are some ways that can be done on a website that has an error 500:

  • Timeout, check the web file used. This can be caused by loading/loading that has reached the loading deadline, may be caused by a heavy file, or if using a third-party source may be an error when loading files from third parties.
  • Permissionsdouble check the permissions from the file on the website. Make sure all have permission to be accessed publicly so that it can be displayed to visitors as a website.
  • Coding, check the coding used may have a little error in the coding structure that affects the performance of retrieving data from the server.

If you are sure everything is fine, just wait for a while maybe this is really the fault of the server used. If it still continues, please contact the server service provider and ask them to help resolve this problem.

For example at Hostinger.in, the best hosting and domain service provider in India. If you use the Niagahoster service, just go to the dashboard/member panel then see the guide provided or start making a ticket for help asking for help solving this problem.


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