Various ways to shutdown Windows 10


To shut down or shut down the computer Windows 10 can be done in various ways, from the menu that has been provided on Windows itself or we make the shortcut to be faster and reduce the click step.

Here are 6 ways to shut down Windows 10:

Method 1. Through the Start Menu

1. Click on the  Start Menu (Windows logo) on the keyboard or on the screen (lower left corner).
2. Select Power
3. Click Shutdown.

Method 2. Through the Quick Access menu. 

1. Right-click on the  Start Menu  (Windows logo) on the screen (bottom left corner).
2. Click Shutdown or sign out. 
3. Select Shutdown.

Method 3. By pressing the Alt + F4 

key the combination of Alt + F4 functions to end the program that is running, for example, if we are opening MS. Word then presses Alt + F4 then the MS word application will exit / exit.
To turn off Windows with the Alt + F4 combination of other programs that are currently active must be minimized first 

Method 4. Using the Power button 

The power button here is the physical power button outside / on the front panel of the computer / laptop.
This method is the quickest and easiest way to turn off the computer, because with just one step.

Press for a moment on the power button (not long press, if long press the hardware stops).
To shutdown this way before we have to set it first in the power option of the computer / laptop, because it is usually default from the laptop by pressing the power button is Sleep .

To set the power button to point to Shutdown  : 

1. Click the search icon in the lower left corner of the screen or press the Windows key on the keyboard then type the word power plan , at the top, it will appear toChoose a power plan. 
2. Click on  Choose a power plan.

3. Then in the Power Option window, choose Choose what the power button does.

4. At the When I option to press the power button , drop down and select Shutdown.
(For laptops there are 2 that must be filled, when using a battery and when using electricity).
5. Click Save changes to save.
When the power button is pressed (momentarily), the computer will immediately shut down, if there are documents that have not been saved then Windows will notify.

How to 5. Shut down through the Run command. 
If you are lazy to use the mouse, you can use the run command, this method also if you are used to it is a quick way to use the keyboard to enter the Run dialog and to command shutdown.
1. Press the Windows combination key + R on the keyboard (to enter the Run command )
2. Type shutdown / s / t 0     then press Enter. ( Shutdown spaced slash s space slash tspaces  ).
/ t 0 means the immediate shutdown is done without any pause. if you want to try not using / t 0 please or want to change the number 0 to try it doesn’t hurt.

After pressing the Enter key, the computer will shut down but it will give a warning if there are unsaved documents.

How to 6. Create a shortcut on the desktop screen. 

How to shutdown is also easy and fast because only one step is one click on the shortcut stored on the Desktop or in Quick launch  .


How to create a Shutdown shortcut on the desktop: 

1. Right-click on an empty area on Desktop then select New > select Shortcut .

 2. Type  shutdown / s / t 0    in the Type the location of the item column then click Next. Give the name of the label then click Finish.

3. The shortcut screen appears on the desktop screen, we just replace the icon to fit the symbol of the shutdown.
Right-click on the shortcut then click Properties , the shortcut screen will appear shutdown properties . Then click on the Change Icon .

4. Select the appropriate icon or select the one you want then click OK.

Then the Shutdown Shortcut has changed its icon.

That’s 6 ways to Shutdown in Windows 10. Also, some steps apply to Windows 8 and 7.

Hopefully useful. Thank You.


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