Top 7 of the most realistic ways to earn money on the internet


Top 7 of the most realistic ways to earn money on the internet:-

Of the many articles about how to make money on the Internet, have you tried one of the methods they described and succeeded?

Some of you might have succeeded, but most of them might not. Or the worst is already lazy first when looking at the points in the article that mention things that are not detailed or impossible to do.

So, don’t make it surrender and think that the internet can’t be used to make money.

Take it, easy guys, will tell you about the most sensible ways to make money on the Internet. The point is, you only need an internet connection, whatever the media, whether it’s a laptop or cellphone. Everything can be done.

Let’s find out more below.

1. Trading shares

how to get money on the internet
The stock investment is not difficult and the loss is not as terrible as the one told by people.

However, trading stocks require an internet connection capital. If there is no Internet, how do you do the transaction by using the application?

This method is most reasonable. Yes, it’s just like buying and selling items, but you have to top up the funds first to a special account. Well, the funds in the account are like electronic money.

But to be able to do this, of course, the first step you have to do is to choose a securities company that wants you to go to open a customer fund account. After that, of course, you need knowledge about how to use the stock trading application.

2. Forex trading

how to get money on the internet
Interested in trying?

The second way to get money on the Internet is Forex trading.

Forex alias foreign exchange can be interpreted as buying and selling foreign currencies. The benefits are quite big, but if you don’t understand the loss is also forgiveness.

The first step that you have to do is learn what Forex is in detail. After that, you have to find a broker or securities company that is ready to facilitate an application for trading.

Like stock trading, lots of learning, yes for forex trading. Don’t be careless.

3. Services for purchasing goods at overseas sites

online shop Indonesia
Yes, it’s like being a realtor.

Have a credit card? Have a PayPal account? Just open payment services for purchasing goods at overseas sites. That can be one way to get money on the internet. And it really makes sense.

Not a few people are drooling with items displayed on eBay, Amazon, Flipkart, and so on. But they were forced to abandon their intention to buy the item because they didn’t understand how to pay it. And of course, they are also afraid that the items will not reach their hands.

In addition, some gamers in Indonesia also need to top up or purchase game items, right? Just bridge them by opening this one service.

But to make sure they keep paying, as much as possible you publish the bill to them via email. Also, try to make them pay first, then you make payment for the item requested.

You can also advertise services through advertisements on social media. Or if you want to easily open the thread on the domestic online buying and selling site.

4. Email blast services

how to get money on the internet
Come find out how to make email blast.

How to get money on this one internet must have a credit card capital first, not much different from the second method.

Email blasts or email marketing campaigns are promotional activities launched by business owners by relying on e-mail. You will often receive promotional emails? For example, from several e-commerce companies or news portals.

Sending an email blast cannot be done manually by work email. Just imagine if a brand has 5 million customer email data, where can they send that much via regular email?

As a tool for launching promotional campaigns, email blasts are quite effective. Because the mechanism is relatively cheap.

Some of the commonly used email blast platforms are MailChimp and EmailOctopus. The monthly subscription fee starts from approximately US $ 20 to US $ 100, depending on how many subscribers and emails you want the client to send.

Just like advertising, these services are also often offered by digital marketing agencies. But the price is definitely not cheap. Well, here is the opportunity.

Just offer it to small business owners or SMEs who are still blind to the Internet, surely they are interested. Of course, just give a cheap price, the important thing is they know.

5. Freelance work

how to get money on the internet
Isn’t it hard to find info on freelance work?

You can find information about freelance work on the Internet. It could be that the job is just writing a blog, being a social media admin for someone else, or the like.

To get money on the Internet in this fourth way, you must have a good portfolio. If you don’t have a portfolio yourself, how can prospective clients believe that you can do what they ask for?

On the Internet, there are not a few freelance job search sites. Some are in Indonesia, some are abroad.

If your site is overseas, the payment is automatically using the dollar. Well, since the dollar is getting stronger, you can also be more profitable, right?

6. Investment in mutual funds

how to get money on the internet


If you think stock trading or forex is still pretty horrifying, then you’ve just invested in mutual funds. With capital on the Internet, you can already register on the site of the mutual fund sales agent and buy the product when your account has been approved.

Mutual funds are online investments that most quickly generate returns.

Based on the type, there are four mutual funds that are commonly purchased by individual investors, namely the money market, fixed income, mix, and shares.

All mutual funds that you buy online can be monitored for profit every day. If you want to withdraw it, just click sell, then the money will be transferred to your bank account.

Want to return the capital fast? Yes, stock mutual funds. But when there is a loss in the company, your money can also be minus.

What about investments other than mutual funds? Actually gold can also be invested online, but the process of returning the capital is longer.

7. Sell items on buying and selling sites

how to get money on the internet
Just sell items on the internet.

Alright, this is the most common and simplest final method. Just live uploading photos of items that you want to sell, then wait for prospective buyers. The question of when the goods sell well depends on when there is a request.

When what you sell is an item that is less commonly searched for, then automatically it will not sell in one day. The opposite is true. But you can watch this by buying points to the marketplace. If you have points, then your item is automatically placed on the home page or on the first page when searched. So the possibility of being chosen is greater.

Those are the seven simple and reasonable ways to earn money on the Internet. Approximately, which one do you often or most easily do?

Thank You.


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