Top 10 WordPress Themes For Bloggers l You Must Know


Top 10 WordPress Themes for Bloggers – As one of the open-source CMS and the most widely used CMS on websites around the world, WordPress is supported by tens of thousands of developers around the world.

WordPress is indeed one of the most widely used CMS or blogging machines today. Maybe because of the ease of use and features available in it. But certainly, there are many resources related to WordPress that we can use for free.

Whether it’s tutorials, tips, and tricks on using WordPress, the best WordPress themes that we can use, to supporting plugins to strengthen their use, essentially there are lots of resources related to WordPress that we can use for free.

This is not separated from the WordPress theme. There are lots of WordPress themes available, both free and premium versions that are paid, which can make the appearance of your WordPress blog more interesting and different from other WordPress blogs out there.

Indeed, there are many things that we can use with WordPress, and many WordPress themes are available for each of our needs. Especially in this article, we examine the 10 best WordPress themes for personal bloggers, in particular, divided into two parts, which are free and paid. The following list:

10 Best WordPress Themes For Personal Bloggers


1.  Hemlock:-

hemlock - the best wordpress theme for personal bloggers

Currently, Hemlock is the best WordPress theme for the best-selling personal blogger in the number 1 marketplace specifically the WordPress theme, Themeforest. The interface is quite minimalist and of course responsive. As a premium WordPress theme, Hemlock has 4 variations on the appearance of the homepage, each of which you can customize yourself.

In addition, there are also many custom sidebar widgets, such as the About Me widget where you can place short profiles in the sidebar, Facebook & Instagram widgets, and special social media widgets. This premium WordPress theme for personal bloggers is priced below the relatively cheap price for premium themes, which is $ 39, cheaper than most themes that cost between $ 44 and $ 59.

2. Soledad:-

soledad - the best wordpress theme for personal bloggers

Soledad is counted as a new product but has been included in one of the best-selling WordPress themes in Themeforest. The appearance is so charming. You can structure the layout/layout of your blog’s appearance with a variety of choices, also flexible. This theme is also SEO friendly and is very well coded.

This theme was also coded in such a way as to optimize the performance of the blog when loading, so the loading feels relatively fast than most themes that contain many features. This theme is available at a price of $ 49 at Themeforest.

3. The Voux:-

the voux - the best wordpress theme for personal bloggers

The Voux is a semi-magazine WordPress theme that is very suitable for use by photographers and also personal bloggers. This theme is rich in interesting features that are usually needed by personal bloggers. With excellent typography and a clean and all-white minimalist design, this theme will make your blog stand out among other blogs out there.

Because it contains many features and can be used for various purposes (besides personal blogging), this one WordPress theme is priced at $ 59 at Themeforest.

4. Share:-

share - the best wordpress theme for personal bloggers

One of the best WordPress themes for personal bloggers focuses more on photos and typography. Looks minimalist but HD display and retina-ready. This WordPress Theme Share is relatively much interested, especially for those travelers who are more focused on content that has high-resolution images.

Share is very responsive and compatible with the majority of SEO plugins like Yoast SEO. Although displaying images with full resolution, the interesting thing is, Share turned out to be fast when loading. At ThemeForest, this WordPress theme for personal bloggers is priced at $ 49.

5. Uncode:-

uncode - the best wordpress theme for personal bloggers

Actually, Uncode itself can be used for various purposes, one of which is to build a personal blog. Uncode is really rich in features. Even though at this time you might only focus on building and developing a personal blog, if one day you are interested in building a business blog or portfolio, Uncode can still be used for both types of blogs.

Oh yes, if you are interested, you can also integrate Woocommerce with Uncode, so while writing content on a blog, you can also sell on your blog at the same time with the help of Woocommerce and Uncode as your main WordPress theme. In terms of features and design quality, Uncode is worth the price of $ 59.

6. Radcliffe:-

radcliffe - the best wordpress theme for personal bloggers

Radcliffe is a free theme that is very much a user today. Designed as a WordPress theme for personal bloggers, Radcliffe has an elegant design and retina display, making colors and images on your blog very lively. Radcliffe is focused on photos and typography, making your website look more centered on content.

7. Hitchcock:-

hitchcock - the best wordpress theme for personal bloggers

Minimalist design with a grid display model, Hitchcock comes as one of the popular free WordPress themes. Focused on the photos on the front page, Hitchcock is ready to take your blog a step forward. Although it’s free, it doesn’t necessarily make Hitchcock deserving of being underestimated. This theme has a responsive and retina-ready display.

8. Maria:-

maria - the best wordpress theme for personal bloggers


Maria is one of the best WordPress themes for Freemium type bloggers, meaning free themes with premium quality. The features offered are quite numerous and interesting for free themes. The features offered by Maria WordPress Theme include Custom Logo & Icon, responsive, social sharing, Google Fonts, and many more.

9.  Sparkling:-

sparkling - the best wordpress theme for personal bloggers

The look of a classic blog is typical of Sparkling. Supports 3 main layouts and is responsive when opened on a smaller screen than a computer screen in general. Sparkling has a very neat and fast appearance when loading. There are many other interesting features that you can use for free.

10. Flat:-

flat - the best wordpress theme for personal bloggers

Just as the name implies, Datar is a very clean and neat WordPress theme, just flat. Flat WordPress Theme is one of the best WordPress themes for personal bloggers who only need space to write. Flat Design focuses on writing and photos, so you can focus more on showing content and photos on your blog.

With a very neat and easily understood coding structure, you can easily customize Flat WordPress Theme to suit your needs. Even you can also make a child theme and start changing this theme at will.


Of the many WordPress themes that you can use both paid and free, the 10 WordPress themes above are the best for this year. Which of the best WordPress themes for personal bloggers is your recommendation?


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