Take advantage of Instagram Nametag, Instagram’s New Feature


Instagram just released a new feature called Nametag. For those of you who have updated the Instagram application on your smartphone/device, you can already see this feature.

The main purpose of the Nametag feature on Instagram is to make it easier for you to follow (follow) other Instagram users or users. Why is it called Nametag? Because the meaning is indeed the same as the meaning of the name, namely to show another user name in a format that can be scanned quickly by you. During this time, you may often have difficulty typing in other usernames that you have just discovered and want to follow immediately. With this new feature, you can scan and follow.

There are tags that you can set according to your tastes or interests. You can change the additional design such as color or stickers. Problem functions, basically the same as other social media that already have similar features. Some of these social media are for example Twitter, Facebook, and Spotify. On Twitter and Facebook, you can scan existing QR codes to find other accounts that you want to add. While on Spotify, you can search for certain music tracks that you want to add too.

How to Make Your Own Name and Manage it

In order for you to be able to access these features, you need to open your own Instagram profile. Then after that, please tap the symbol ≡ in the upper right corner. Next, please tap the “Nametag” option. If you are accessing this one feature for the first time, you will be shown related instructions.

Then you can see that this feature only consists of that on your screen, which is a tag/label with your username in it. Well then, if you meet other people who use Instagram, you can show them your name tags so they can then scan and follow you.

Now it’s just how you want to adjust your own nametag. Try to follow the steps we will give the following. First, try taping the label on the top of your device’s screen. There are lots of things you can tweak to create your nametag. There are several creative elements namely Emoji, Selfie, and Color.

  • Emoticon

In this element, you can select any emoticon and it will appear in the nametag like a repeated and small image scattered in the background.

  • Selfie

In this Selfie element, you can take your selfie and then add cute filters such as facial mustache or glasses in the eyes.

  • Color

Finally, in the Color element, you can choose the color on your Nametag background and this is indeed a very small choice, which is only 5 monochrome colors like black and white.

Nametag Instagram As a Business Opportunity

For those of you business people who certainly want to survive in the digital age, you can see Nametag Instagram as a good business opportunity. Why? Because this feature offers a new way for prospective customers or your market to easily connect to your brand.

You can export the nametag that you have created to be copied to images or other types of media to promote your business account. This is a good thing for you to use immediately, especially with the atmosphere of the use of features that are crowded among Instagram users recently. You have greater chances of getting additional followers.

People don’t need to have trouble opening or searching for your account. They don’t have to bother typing your brand name which might also be a bit difficult to catch spelling. They just need to scan and connect immediately. If you sell products that are physically shaped, you can give this tag on the price tag or item and they can see, are interested in scanning and then follow your Instagram.


This latest Instagram feature is not difficult to use and is quite useful for your users. Has this article helped you to understand the latest features of Instagram? Please submit your response in the comments column. Oh yes, also read the following list of related articles so that you are more leverage in using Instagram.

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