Short Guide to Getting the Best Keyword for Website Content


In digital marketing there is one term that we often hear is a keyword. This term refers to keywords that must be contained in the content. The purpose of this keyword is to display the content at the top of the search engine. In addition, it makes it easy for users or prospective consumers for business. So, how do you get the best keywords for the website content?

The main keyword is mandatory

The first step to determine the best keywords is to make the main keywords. This method can be done by making a list or list of the main keywords note down some variants of keywords that you consider necessary. Then, sort it out until there is a match and according to the business or thing you want to promote on the website. You can eliminate words that are considered unsuitable.

The more easily remembered and spoken, the greater the potential for increasing website traffic. Then the keywords that are made must match the contents of the website. For example, for slimming drugs, users will use the keyword ‘body slimming drugs’. If the website does not match the keywords it will be closed by the user because it is less attractive and can reduce traffic.

Pay attention to trends on Google

Connecting the first point, to make the best keywords and your main keywords also need to pay attention to the trends that are currently being talked about on Google. Looking for words that are currently trending is not difficult, you can use Google Trends. This platform contains a search chart on the website by displaying Google trends by displaying data based on cities, regions, and languages.

The display presented also includes fluctuations and search volume over a certain period of time. For example, within one month, six months to one year. This way you can consider looking for ideas to make articles on your brand website.

Don’t make short keywords

You certainly have done a search on the internet with a long word right? It turns out that this technique is also influential in getting the best keywords. Usually, visitors on the internet will use four or even five more words to find what they are looking for. So from that, keywords that are long enough are mandatory if you want to increase traffic.

Just an example is to keyword ‘Watches’, this is indeed selling but it is still less specific and ineffective or commonly called ‘ vanity keywords’. Avoiding this, you should add other words that are quite long and more specific. Such as ‘Men Watches’, ‘Cheap Watches’, ‘Rolex Watches’ and so on.

Use tools to make it easier

Determining keywords cannot be done by just guessing. In doing the best keyword search research, a tool is needed to get the right words. Currently, there are many tools to see which keywords have high value, the most talked about on Google and the level of difficulty in getting high traffic.

Some of these tools include Ubersuggest, Google Keyword Planner, Hittail, and many more that you can choose. These tools have their own advantages. So you should not hurt to try one by one and then do the most effective comparison.

There is nothing wrong with glancing at  competitors’ keywords

Maybe this one way looks a little gambling, but in the business world glancing at competitors is natural. This is done to find out what makes this competition a little superior, and we can correct the lack of ourselves to compete with competitors. Glancing at the best keywords used by competitors is also not difficult.

You can use tools like SpyFu to analyze your site or competitor. There you can compare what words are used effectively by competitors for your evaluation and can be applied on your website.

Not only that, to find the best keywords and increase traffic and data security on the website, you can also use the best hosting services in India for smooth business. Maybe useful.


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