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How to Partition SD Card in Simple Way

One of the most important parts on an Android smartphone is on internal memory. For those of you who have an Android smartphone with small storage space, of course, it will be a little inconvenient, but it can be overcome by partitioning the SD card. Here are some problems that arise if the …

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How to Play PUBG Free on PC, 100% Legal!

Do you want to play PUBG on PC for free? Want to play PUBG on PC but don’t want to buy the game? Looking for a way to play PUBG for free on PC?   As is known that PUBG on the PC version is not free, and requires a high spec PC to be able to …

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How to Create your own QR code

How to Create your own QR code:- Right now we are increasingly seeing QR codes, for Vcard (electronic business cards), for Wi-fi access, product links, product manuals, software downloads, friend invite on social media, etc. How do we make our own QR code, for example, the QR code contains the …

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How to Create a Gmail/Email Account without Mobile Number

How to Create a Gmail Email Account Without Mobile Number: – In today’s online age we must have an email account to do various things. Like shopping online, commenting, registering blogs, listing social media accounts, and many other uses that require us to enter email addresses. For this reason, specifically for those of …

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How to delete all Facebook messages automatically

How to delete all Facebook messages automatically:- Facebook is social media made by Mark Zuckerberg when he attended Harvard University. Which was originally only used for students at Harvard but has now become the most popular social media in the world. The feature presented by Facebook makes many people from young to old comfortable …

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