How to save the status of WhatsApp videos or photos


How to Download WhatsApp Status:- 

how to take videos on WA status, how to save videos from WA status.
How to retrieve, store or download photos/images and videos from WhatsApp status.

Status updates on WhatsApp whether the photo or video will appear for 24 hours (will disappear automatically after 24 hours).

If there is an interesting photo or video status of your friend and you want to take it / save it, for now on WhatsApp there is no menu or option to retrieve, store or download photos/videos from that status.

However, although in the WhatsApp application there is no option to download the status of the video/photo, there is still another way, by installing a special application to download WhatsApp status photos/videos.
For Android, you can use the App with the name   Status Saver for WhatsApp. 

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Enter the Play Store then search/search for the app with the keyword   Story Saver for WhatsApp.
There will be many search results, you can choose any application, but I recommend choosing Story Saver for WhatsApp from Mobinz.

Have fun installing the application, 

Using the Story Saver for WhatsApp  application is  very easy.

1. The photo or video status that you want to save, previously must be opened / previewed on WhatsApp from the Status menu 

2. If you have opened / viewed the video / photo status on WhatsApp, then run the Story Saver for WhatsApp application .

3. Select Recent Stories. then a photo or video will appear that you have opened in the WhatsApp application (step 1)

4. Select the photo or video you want to download / want to save (there is a Pictures tab , there is a Videos tab, if you want to download a photo, then select the PICTURES tab, if the video select the VIDEOS tab). then tap / touch on the download icon.

Photo files will be stored in the StoryPictures folder . Video files are stored in the StoryVideos folder . Can be opened from the Gallery menu. Thank You for Reading.



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