How to Partition SD Card in Simple Way


One of the most important parts on an Android smartphone is on internal memory. For those of you who have an Android smartphone with small storage space, of course, it will be a little inconvenient, but it can be overcome by partitioning the SD card. Here are some problems that arise if the internal storage space has swelled.

  • Cannot install applications with a large size.
  • Your cellphone will experience slow due to too full memory.

You can overcome the above problems by partitioning the SD card to add internal memory to the Android smartphone. The SD card partition functions to divide the memory into several parts which later some of the memory can be allocated as internal memory.

There are two kinds of ways to partition an SD card.

  1. Partitioning an SD card with a PC.
  2. SD card partition without PC.

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Then, how to partition the SD card? See the information below.

Note: Read carefully to avoid errors that cause your SD card to be damaged and cannot be used again.

How to Partition SD Card with PC

Before proceeding further, you are required to download the Minitool Partition Wizard application first.

After the download is successful, install the application. Then follow the steps below:

  • Connect the SD card to the PC using a card reader.
  • Backup all files on the SD card, then format the SD card.
  • Divide the partition into 2 parts. The trick, select your micro SD card drive then click the Move / Resize option. After that, determine what size of each partition is. how to partition the sd card using resize minitool


  • Specify the partition format. The trick, right-click on the ‘unallocated’ drive and then select create. There you will see various options such as partition labels, drive letters, cluster sizes and more. To make it an additional drive, make the Create As option ‘Primary’ and the File System option as ‘FAT32’.
    how to partition the SD card using the Minitool formatIf you want to make the partition for SD Link2 needs, then make the Create As option ‘Primary’ and the File System option as ‘Ext2’. For other options just ignore it and leave it like the default. Press OK when done.
  • Complete the process by pressing the ‘Apply’ button. Wait a while until the process is complete.

How to Partition an SD Card Without a PC

Besides using a PC or laptop, the partitioning process can also be done directly from your Android smartphone. The trick is to use an application called Aparted. But before using it, there are several conditions that you must prepare first.

  • Your Android smartphone has been rooted.
  • Installed the Busybox application.
  • SD card in an ‘unmounted’ state. The trick, open Settings> Storage, then select SD card to unmount.

If the three conditions above are ready, the first thing you have to do is download the Aparted application. You can download the application on ‘Google Play store’.

Click the “+” button to add a new partition. Fill in the size and format of the partition according to what you want. Do this step again if you want to add a new partition. As explained above, select the FAT32 format to save data and select the format ext2 / ext3 / ext4 for Link2SD purposes.

how to use the SD card partition aparted

After everything is set, select “Apply Changes” to start the partitioning process. Wait a while until the process is complete.

How to Partition SD Card Using CMW

If your smartphone has been given root permission and has installed CMW Recovery, then you do not need both applications as described above. However, this method of partitioning with CWM Recovery is only for making ext, not FAT32 formats. This means that this method is very suitable for Link2SD needs. Here’s how to use it:

  • Restart android then enters the CWM Recovery menu according to the type of device.
  • Select the ‘Advanced’ menu in the bottom menu.
  • Then select the ‘Partition SD Card’ option.
  • Determine the size of the Ext partition you want to make. It is highly recommended not to create partitions with more than half the SD card capacity.
  • Clear the ‘Swap Size’ option.
  • The partition process will run for a while, then reboot your device.

The above has been explained how to partition with an SD card using the Minitool, Aparted, and also CMW Recovery applications. Hopefully, it can be useful.


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