How to get your DA 80+ backlink first


One obstacle that is always faced by us when starting to create a blog is to create unique content and build a strategy to find quality backlinks.

Getting a backlink is easy but getting a quality link is difficult.

What is quality backlinks?

Quality backlinks are determined by several metrics, one of which is the Domain Authority (DA)DA is one of the metrics Developed by Moz, DA is a reflection of how popular and trusted your website is.

It can be concluded that the higher the DA website, the better the reputation.

Although it is not officially implied for the “good” or “bad” DA ranking, the Domain Authority (DA) is widely accepted that sites with a score of 80 or higher are at the top of the site.

If you get a backlink from one of the high Domain Authority (DA) sites, you will get many benefits.

Your site will rise, your SEO will increase, and you will get more traffic.

But getting backlinks from high Domain Authority (DA) sites is much easier said than done.

I have experienced and seen people trying to get high DA links, but ultimately failed.

If you can’t get authority backlinks, don’t worry. That is not you.

Many people don’t know how to evaluate quality backlinks, but once you know what to do, it becomes much easier.

I will share my strategy for getting high Domain Authority (DA) links. These techniques can be repeated and measured, and you can use them no matter how small your site is.

Step 1: Determine the target?

Before you use one of these methods, you need to determine which site you want to search.

Try to find sites that have the same niche as your site with DA 80 or higher. Because a specific niche will have a higher chance for you to get a backlink.

I suggest starting with getting a sense of which sites in your niche are the most interesting.

Use Google search. Start by searching for the keywords that are your focus.

Generally, blogs that appear on the first page may have a high DA. Maybe that isn’t always true, but most of it is true.

List all domains on page 1 of Google. You can then check their DA using Moz Link Explorer.

Moz Link Explorer

Enter the URL and click “Search.” On the results page, you can see the DA ranking of the site on the left side of the first box:

Moz Link Explorer

DA in the picture above has a low DA because it is my new web that is still corny (promotion)

If the value is 80 or higher, prioritize the site, and ignore it if you have a low DA because you aim to find the best backlink.

If you want to try for the first time don’t target too many sites at once. I suggest targeting 4-6 sites to get started.

After you find the target site, you are ready to implement some backlink strategies as below:

Step 2: Strategies for Getting Quality Backlinks

Quality backlinks are backlinks or links from a site that has a PageRank or DA that is high as discussed above.

Fix broken links

You may have heard of this method before. (This might even be the umpteenth time you hear it)

The basic idea is that most sites have at least some links that don’t work anymore.

Usually, broken links point to pages that have been deleted for a long time.

Now think of you.

If you have a very large website, don’t you want to make sure that your users can access everything, including all your backlinks? Of course, you will do it!

Because when your user clicks the link directed to the 404 error page it will be very bad for the user and bad for your site. Because it can cause your credibility to decrease, and you might even lose your readers.

If you find broken links on sites with high DA scores, you can use those opportunities to help and increase your chances of getting backlinks.

How to?

You notify the site about broken links and offer your own content to replace them. You also simply ask for a backlink in return for his help.

Make sure, you must have the content in question on the website and optimize your content to be eligible and feasible.

This is not a complicated strategy and is worth a try.

Interested? Here’s how to do it.

First, find broken links on the high DA site.

You can use Screaming Frog SEO Spider, download this tool here.

Next, enter the URL in the box at the top of the tool and press “Start.”

I recommend looking for a longer article URL. If you crawl the entire site, you will have lots of links to sort, and that can take a long time.

How to find dead links

SEO Spider will crawl the website and prepare all the data.

When the tool has finished crawling the site, click on the Response Codes tab (fourth from the left).

Then go to the sidebar on the right side and scroll down until you see “Client Error (4xx)”. Click that.

You will see a list of all dead links on the page or site and see which page on the site has this broken link, click on any URL and click on the “Link” tab at the bottom of the screen.

How to find inactive links

The URL in the “from” column is the page on the site that contains a broken link. That is the URL you will refer to when contacting the site.

Examples of broken links in the image come from this Business Insider article. Business Insider has a DA of 94, making it the perfect candidate for your backlink.

Second, check the contents of content from dead links.

Image Server Error

The thing you need to pay attention to is the content that is not available, you must have the file or content. How do you find out? You can access old content using is an amazing tool that allows you to view web pages that no longer exist.

Why do you have to do this? Because you can see exactly the missing content and find the most relevant content on your site to replace it.

When you enter a URL into a box on, you might see something like this:


If you get the “Hrm” message, don’t worry! Click on the link to find all archived pages.

You might see the correct URL on the next page.


If you see the correct link, click the link and find the cached version of the page.

The cached page is marked by a colored dot on the calendar date. Hover over the one you want and click.


Now you can browse the content directly and analyze it.

If you have content related to this topic, then you have a high chance of getting backlinks. If not, make the content as optimal as possible.

Finally, tell the site about broken links.

Remember in telling the website owner that you have good and not pushy words, and that you don’t need backlinks too, but you should not be long-winded. It is best to be polite and direct.

The following is an example that you can use:

Subject: Your site has a dead link. 

Hi [name],

I visited your site recently and found this page on your site: (page URL).

This is a good page, but I found a dead link there. The link leads to (page URL), which is no longer active.

I wrote articles about (the topic of inactive links), and I thought that would be very suitable for your page. I really appreciate if you consider replacing a dead link with a link to my article. I know your readers will like it, and I will be happy to help you.

Thank you for your time,

(Your name)

This is one of the strategies to find quality backlink that is very good to do.

Conclusion Part 1

  1. Looking for sites/websites that have high DA
  2. Look for links that are not active on the site
  3. Repair or create content on your site that matches the content of inactive content on the site in question
  4. Notify website owners
  5. The result depends on the Website Owner and Content on your Web because if the content you offer is appropriate and according to them is good then it is possible that you will get a backlink from them.

Guest Post

I know you may have heard this tip before, but I will make a different change.

When people talk about guest posts for backlinks, they usually follow a few simple steps.

1: Find sites that accept guest posts. 2: Promote good content and publish with links in your author’s biography

Make good content according to the nice site

Make a testimonial

Companies like success stories, motivational quotes that say good things about the company.

Good testimonials can increase sales, and they look good on home pages and landing pages.

You might think testimonials are only for the company’s benefit. Not like that!

You might never think of the opportunity to give a backlink to a testimonial.

Many websites give you backlinks in return for shining testimonials. (Not every part of the testimonial is like this.)

This is similar to a guest post, but it’s even less!

First, you need to find a well-known business in your niche.

Always check DA sites first. There is no reason to find the testimonial section of the site if they have a low DA rating.

If the site has DA 80+, see if they have a testimonial section. Sometimes it’s called something different like “Customer Story” or “Case Study.”

The best way to find testimonials is to open the site page and scroll down until you see the footer section (where there are usually lots of links).

Sometimes you will find a testimonial section in the main navigation menu.

Every business featured in a case study gets a backlink in the leading biography section:

Not bad, right?

You have the potential to get a lot of attention from trusted sites in your niche.

Second, be a product user.

Sure, you can try products for a few days and write good reviews, but most businesses want stories about how their products help someone do something extraordinary.

If you get good results using their services, use these results to create interesting testimonials.

Third, contact the site and send your testimonial.

Sending emails tells them all about your success with their products.

Sometimes, company sites will have instructions for submission on their testimonial pages, so check first.

If all goes well, you will get good authority backlinks without doing a lot of work.

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Backlinks are an important thing to improve SEO Blog rankings. To get backlinks is quite easy, but to get a quality backlink is not as easy as saying it, special strategies are needed to get one of them as I have mentioned above. Hope it helps, Thank you.


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