How to Create your own QR code

How to Create your own QR code:-
Right now we are increasingly seeing QR codes, for Vcard (electronic business cards), for Wi-fi access, product links, product manuals, software downloads, friend invite on social media, etc.
How do we make our own QR code, for example, the QR code contains the address of our website?
The way is not as difficult as imagined, it is very easy. currently, there are many online services available to create a QR code, which is also a lot of applications, for Android or iOS.
Just try your browser, googling with keywords: an online QR code generator, there will definitely be a lot of results.
For example for QRcode generators online using a browser, I select
Display QR code generator
At https: // this is a very easy way:
• Select type, in the example I select website address.
• Write down the website address we want, in the example, I wrote:

• The QR code preview can be directly seen on the right. To check it, you can immediately try using a smartphone equipped with a QR code scanner.

• Click on Download to save the QR code in PNG or JPG format on the computer.
For QR generator applications on smartphones, just go to the App Store for iOs or Google Play for Android, then search with the keyword QR code generator, of course, there will be many results, just choose it.

My example on Android uses a QR Code from Ykart

This application has been grouped into 8 categories: Text, URL, Email, Phone, SMS, Contact, Geolocation, and Wifi.
Its use is very easy:
1. Select the shape/variation for the QR code display.
2. Select a category.
3. type the desired website address.
4. Click GENERATE.


• Then the results will appear, there are options to be saved, shared with email, social media etc., up to you.


Thank You.


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