Google+ Closed: Declares Its Defeat In Competition Of Social Media


If you are active on Google+ in 2019, you will certainly get the last notification from Google+ regarding some changes and some important things that need to be known by Google+ users including the developers sent in December 2018. From the last notification that Google+ looks like it will doing great things, the suspicion of many Google+ people will delete the service soon.

The guess is true, on January 30, 2019, Google reported that the Google+ service will be stopped soon. The strongest reason why Google+ is sure to close its services is the low number of users and the challenges / intense competition.

When was the Google+ service deleted?

 The effectiveness of Google+ will be deactivated on April 2, 2019, but starting on February 4, 2019, every Google+ user can no longer create events, create communities, create pages, and can’t even create a Google+ profile.

Will all of my G + data be lost?

Yes, with the removal of the Google+ service it means that all your data including pages, communities, albums, archives, etc. will be removed from the Google+ directory. But of course, this will take months as reported by Google+, do not be surprised if, after April 2, 2019, you still see some Google+ account data that is still available such as photo uploads, status, etc. This will later be erased but requires a process.

It’s been a long time since Google+ has provided a download and save (export) feature for an account, community, and page data, and finally, it works too. You can take advantage of the data export feature to save your Google+ data, community, pages, and other things you have ever created on Google+ with your account.

As for the login button with Google, it won’t be available temporarily. Later this button will be replaced by a login button with Google that allows you and other users to log in to a site/application using the Google account of each account.

Maybe you also once interacted in the comment system of a site that uses a Google+ account such as the Blogspot comment system, this feature will be immediately deleted along with your Google account data. In addition, any comments that you have previously made at any site will be deleted slowly.

Do not worry! This is only for consumer Google+ accounts (private)

if you are a G Suite user, your Google+ account will remain active. Only the appearance and features are updated in G Suite, contact your G Suite admin to find out more.

For developers including developers at, if you use the Google+ API on some features of your site/application, please check for more information. here. There are a number of changes and new impacts that have occurred due to the removal of Google+.

The Google+ team thanked all the people involved in every step of Google+, we also thanked 105 official society followers on Google+ who were willing to take the time to visit, follow, and +1. Visit other official social media accounts to stay connected 🙂


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