Facilities on the Internet


What can we do on the Internet? Many. The following are some of the most important facilities provided on the Internet, including:

  1. Electronic Mail or e-mail
  2. Discussion Groups
  3. FTP
  4. Telnet
  5. Gopher
  6. The World Wide Web

1. Electronic Play or e-mail. 
Email is a letter or electronic message that is sent and received by and between individuals or computers. Email works like a telephone answering machine, even though we are not online with the internet we can still receive emails from all over the world.

At present, e-mail does not only contain text but can also be accompanied by graphics, photo images and also even animated sounds. Email can also be used to send letters directly to several people at once. Sending and receiving e-mail is now a common thing people do on the internet. We can communicate with anyone in the world with this e-mail facility.

2. Discussion Group. 
Usually, we use e-mail for people we already know well, but we can also use e-mail to exchange information, discuss and dialogue with other people. We can participate in discussions and debates on topics that range from hobbies to computer problems or even entertainment and artist problems.

Thief List. 
Mailing List or often called mailing lists among Indian is one type of discussion group on the Internet. Mailing list members can communicate by sending an email on the list address. Every incoming email will then be sent back to each member of the mailing list. To become a member of a mailing list starts with sending an email to the subsription address . After becoming a member we can receive emails from others and also send emails to mailing lists.

Newsgroups is also one of the discussion groups on the internet. Unlike mailing lists, newsgroups use a special network computer called UseNet. Every computer has several newsgroups. Each newsgroups is organized according to one general topic which is then divided into subtopics below.
example of a newsgroup: rec.arts.cinema
rec is the main topic, arts are subtopics and sub-subtopic cinema.

3. FTP
FTP or File Transfer Protocol, is an internet service for transferring files between our computers and servers on the internet. There are enough servers on the internet that provide this service so we can copy files on the server to our computer, this is called download . Besides that we can also copy files on our computer to servers on the internet, this is called upload .

4. Telnet
Some servers on the internet allow us to access it and run several programs installed on that computer. This service called telnet. The use of this server is the same as if we do it on a computer on a local network.
For example: spacelink.msfc.nasa.gov , is a free telnet service from NASA about the history and ins and outs of NASA.

5. Gopher
Gopher is a software application that is structured on a string of menu search and reinvention systems. Gopher site is a computer that displays menus that represent data and information available. Basically, these menus are a table of contents for processing and pointing to certain information. This service uses FTP to exchange files and Telnet for connections with certain servers.

6. World Wide Web
WWW is the most widely known internet service and the fastest growing technology. This service uses hypertext links called hyperlinks to refer to and retrieve web pages from the server. Web pages can contain sounds, images, animations, text, and software programs that compile them into dynamic documents. Users can view the World Wide Web from a browser , a program that can display HTML (web page scripts).


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