Difficult Chicken Dinner At TPP? Follow This Exact Trick

If you play PUBG Mobile, you certainly know that the game has two modes to play. First-Person Perspective ( FPP ) and Third-Person Perspective ( TPP ). On TPP, the camera will be visible from behind the player and display your character’s entire body. TPP also becomes the favorite mode of players, especially beginner players.


On this occasion, WikiHow will give precise tips to get a Chicken Dinner while playing TPP. What are these tips? Check out the following article!

Take advantage of Peeking

One of the biggest factors why players prefer to use TPP is because they can peek.

See without being seen. This is one of the advantages of playing TPP. You can take shelter behind a wall, or tree, and you can move your camera to see the situation behind your protection.

So that doesn’t mean the enemy can’t peek at you either. Always be careful when you want to move, because it could be that your enemy is waiting to kill you suddenly.

Hardcover is better than being a snake

Playing on Erangel, or Sanhok, surely you will often meet enemies who become snakes sneaking in the middle of the grass. Maybe for many players, it’s a good idea. Actually no.

Not only is it a bad way to reach the last circle, but it is also a bad idea when playing TPP.

Grass does not provide any protection. The grass is just closing yourself, and if your enemy sees you sneaking, then no one can save you.

Therefore, it is far more advisable to hide behind hard and strong protection, such as rocks or trees. Enemies will not be able to penetrate the protection with any shot, so surely you are much safer than prone in the grass.

Only Get Out of Protection if You’re Ready

One of the tips to win a shootout with an enemy is to always get ready before you get out of your protection.

When you take refuge from the enemy, immediately fill your bullet, use the healing item that you have, make sure you are really ready to enter a shootout with the enemy.

Don’t forget to pair your weapon mode according to the situation you are facing. Auto is more deadly for short-range shootouts, while Burst or Single is more accurately used for long distances.

If you are not really ready, then don’t get out of your protection. Enemies can easily stop your dreams from eating chicken at the end of the game.

Here are some tips that can help you win matches on PUBG Mobile in TPP mode. Always be careful when playing this mode, because the enemy can also use the same method as you.

How do you think about TPP? Do you play TPP or FPP more often? Give your opinion in the comments column below and don’t forget to share this article!

Good Luck and Have Fun!


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