7 Effective Tips for Quickly Accepted Google Adsense Blogs


7 Effective Tips for Quickly Accepted Google Adsense Blogs:-

Some blogger writers, surely have the desire to get their blog to earn an income. Well, one service that is willing to pay for a blog is Google Adsense. But to work with Google Adsense, blogs must have certain terms and criteria. What are they? Here we will also discuss some tips so that the blog is accepted by Google Adsense.

Not a few people who find it difficult to register their blog on Google Adsense because every blog submission is always rejected by Google Adsense. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for blogs to be accepted by Google Adsense. Google Adsense requires that blogs with certain requirements aim to minimize fraudulent publishers that do not meet the requirements of Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is the best online advertising service for now. Almost all bloggers around the world highly recommend Google Adsense to be right for income through a blog.

How to work from Google Adsense itself is to advertise on blogs with a pay per click system. If your blog has an ad from Google Adsense installed, and a visitor clicks on the ad, then you will get income from clicks with the costs already determined. The payment system from Google Adsense is also very flexible, supporting almost all banks throughout the world.

If you are interested in Google Adsense as an advertiser service on your blog, there is something you need to apply on your blog to be quickly accepted by Google Adsense. Because Google Adsense also does not arbitrarily choose a blog to be a partner. The following below are some tips to register Google AdSense for easy acceptance:

Easy Tips For Blogs Accepted by Google Adsense

1. Make sure the blog contains quality content

These tips are the main requirements that must be done before signing up for Google Adsense. Because Google Adsense will immediately review your blog and ascertain whether your blog is appropriate and of high value.

What is meant by quality content? And how do you create quality content? Blogs with high-quality content are content with useful writing, free of grammatical errors, and original writing without copy paste from other blogs.

Make sure that your blog really has quality content, because this is the main Google Adsense policies and requirements.

2. Make A Page About Your Blog

If you often visit blogs/websites on the internet, almost all of them will always have a menu about us / about at the bottom. This also applies to blogs that you want to register with Google Adsense. Make a page to explain what and how about the blog that you want to register in Google Adsense in detail.

By explaining all your blogs, your blog will look more professional and easy to accept by Google Adsense.

3. Make sure there is contact information

In addition to creating pages about what your blog is about, the blog must also include information to contact you.

Make a Contact page that contains contacts or emails that can be used to communicate between visitors and blog owners. With the additional menu to contact the blog owner, it will look professional and easily accepted by Google Adsense.

4. There must be a Navigation Menu on the Blog

Google Adsense will review the quality of blogs as visitors. You have to provide navigation to make it easier to see content on the blog easily and without obstacles.

Make a navigation menu that contains links to the homepage’s main page, content categories, about us, privacy policies, contact us, and others. By installing a navigation menu like that, can add value to a blog to be easily accepted by Google Adsense.

5. Have an article

At the fifth tip, almost the same as the first tips above. Having an article on a blog is a must for Google Adsense. Although there is no exact number of articles that must be in the blog so that Adsense can be accepted, the most important is the quality of the article writing.

Because there are many cases where blogs with hundreds of articles are not accepted by Google Adsense. And blogs with articles under 50 are actually accepted by Google Adsense. However, we will suggest that the blog must have at least 20 articles before being registered with Google Adsense. And it should be noted, make sure the article writing must be quality and without copy paste from other blogs.

6. Good Blog Design

The sixth tip is to add value to the blog so that Google Adsense accepts your blog submission. Because with a blog with a design that is chaotic, then in the eyes of Google will consider the blog does not match the requirements.

So, customize your blog with a responsive theme/template, suitable on a mobile device, compatible with Google search engines and have navigation to your blog.

7. Determine your blog’s niche

Determine the niche blog and focus on that niche. Niche is a category of content that is in the blog. Content and content of articles must be in line with niche blogs. Also, note that Google Adsense prohibits some of the following niche/content categories.

  • Hacking or Hacking Tutorial
  • Selling illegal equipment and drugs
  • Adult content
  • Pirated Content (Film / Software / Others)
  • Gambling and the like.

So, have you determined the niche on your blog?

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Easy Way For Blogs To Be Received by Google Adsense

In addition to a few tips to be easily accepted by google adsense above. There are 2 other things you must do before registering a blog on Google Adsense to increase the chances of being approved by Google Adsense, below:

  1. Site traffic If your blog already has traffic, then the blog will have the chance to be accepted by Google Adsense easier. Blogs with a lot of Google indexes are very valuable for Google Adsense.
  2. Ad-free If your blog already works with other advertising services, uninstall these ads to be more valuable in the eyes of Google Adsense.

By applying these steps on your website and blog, it will definitely increase the chances that a Quick Ads Accepted Google Adsense will get a steady income through a blog. Thank You.



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