5 Tips To Improve Your Website Security


When you have your own website, of course, it contains various important information and files that you have obtained and collected so far. Apart from important information and files, you certainly don’t build websites easily. Many ideas and costs are spent on building your website now.

But be careful, in the internet world, quite a lot of websites are affected because their security is inadequate in resisting attacks from various dangers that lurk. You certainly don’t want that to happen to your website, right?

This time, there are five tips you can do to improve your website security. Here’s the review.

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1.Install SSL

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)  is a security protocol that is useful for creating links in the form of encryption between web servers and web browsers that use online communication. The point is that encryption will work by forming a communication link between Point A and Point B, which is a web server with a web browser.

SSL is very important for the survival of a website because of the presence of SSL, personal information, credit card transactions, data transfer until login data can be done and maintained properly. Especially for website e-commerce which was filled with a lot of sensitive data of the user of his. Therefore, the presence of SSL is very important.

When you want to see if the website has an SSL system, then you can see it directly from your web browser. A green padlock icon will appear to the left of the website address in your browser. In addition, the ‘https’ section will also be green as well. So you don’t need to worry about your personal data when you give it to the website because the SSL system will maintain its confidentiality.

2. Continue to update the website you

Usually when own website, let alone website company profiles, features, advantages and info-other, sometimes not at -Update regularly alias left alone without adding anything new. Unfortunately, with you doing that, your website’s security will not be guaranteed.

With that, you should continue to update your website because the CMS system that you use will usually provide the latest updates in a certain amount of time so that the security of your websitewill also be strengthened. Keep checking your website , huh.

3. Use a strong password

In addition to providing SSL and also constantly updating the website , you certainly need to have a password when you want to build a website . For passwords , you should use a combination as varied as possible so that website security is guaranteed. Combine capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers to punctuation. This method is important so that your password is not easily guessed by other parties who have bad intentions.

4. Always backup websites regularly

The amount of data and information contained in the website , never forget to backup the websiteregularly. But you don’t do it on the site server that you use because it is still easy to be hacked by other parties. We recommend that you back up on another server so that it is difficult to track and become safer.

5. Use a trusted hosting service

When you have a website, you can’t do it without using a hosting service . And now there are so many hosting services available on the internet. However, choosing hosting services that will be used later, you should first look at reviews of consumers who have previously used their services.

By using a trusted hosting service , you do not need to be afraid of the quality of the website as well as its security because it is certain the hosting service will provide the best for you.

Those are five tips to improve your website security . Hopefully, it can provide enlightenment and you can apply it on your own website .


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