17 of the Best Whatsapp Tips and Tricks You Need to Know


In this post, we have collected from several sources, namely the Best Whatsapp Tips and Tricks. Please, you can learn it freely and amaze your friends with this special and best Whatsapp Tricks.

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We all know Whatsapp is one of the Top Message ever, we can share photos, videos, and audio with friends and family, and make calls for free via the internet. But on the other hand there are many secret tricks and tricks hidden from Whatsapp, so we have found and collected some of the best Whatsapp Tips and Tricks on this post.

Best Whatsapp Tips and Tricks

There are many other features unknown to people who are new and don’t know much about Whatsapp, so I have collected Whatsapp Tips and Tricks. So listen carefully.

Whatsapp tricks: How to use Whatsapp without numbers

Here I have found a method for how you can use Whatsapp without a number. Just follow the steps given and you will be able to use Whatsapp without a number.

There are lots of Whatsapp Tips out there, but this one is the Best Whatsapp Tricks. You can enjoy and amaze your friends by using Whatsapp without numbers.

  • First, you have to delete your Whatsapp and then reinstall it.
  • When you reinstall Whatsapp will ask you to verify your cellphone.
  • Now, in this step it is very important to “block all outgoing messages” in a simple way that is placing your cellphone in Flight Mode, it will block all outgoing messages.
  • Before doing the steps above, install the Android Application called “Spoof Text Message”. If you use an iPhone then you can install Fake A Message app.
  • Now when you enter your cellphone number for verification, you will not be able to send verification to the server because we activate Flight Mode or Flight Mode will stop all outgoing messages.
  • Now you have to choose an alternative method for verification, that is, select “SMS Verification”. Enter your email address in the box then click the send button and immediately click on the cancel or cancel button, it will stop the authorization process.
  • Now open the Spoof Text Message and fill in the details below.

To: +917900347295

From: + (Country code) (mobile number)

Message: Your email address

  • After a few seconds, you will receive a verification code on your Spoof Text Message application. Enter this code to verify your account and you will easily use Whatsapp without a number.

Whatsapp tricks: Lock Whatsapp with a password

We all know that security is a top priority to safeguard information from others. And we don’t want to share our personal information with anyone. We can lock the application with the default locker or locker, but sometimes it is not enough because if you use the same key in all applications and are unable to use certain keys for certain applications, then anyone can easily open your account if you notify the cellphone password You to your friend. but don’t worry here We have a solution so you can Lock your Whatsapp Account with a password.

Whatsapp tricks: Lock Whatsapp with a password

  • Download and install the Whatsapp Lock application on your smartphone.

This is not Whatsapp Lock, Whatsapp Lock is included in 9apps, you can install Whatsapp Lock when you install 9apps.

  • Open the application and create your password.
  • Now your Whatsapp is completely protected with a password and no one can open it without your permission.
  • Download Whatsapp Lock

Whatsapp Tricks: Send PDF files, APKs and ZIPs via Whatsapp

We all know Whatsapp does not allow sending or sharing zip, pdf, apk files via Whatsapp. we can only send photos, videos, and audio on Whatsapp. But don’t worry here I have found a method where you can send PDF, APK, Zip, RAR or other large files to your friends via Whatsapp.

Whatsapp Tricks: Send PDF files, APKs and ZIPs via Whatsapp

  • Download and install the Whats Packed 2 ads application on your android phone.

This is not Whats Packed 2 ads, Whats Packed 2 ads is included in 9apps, you can install Whats Packed 2 ads when you install 9apps.

  • Now you can send all types of files through your Whatsapp.
  • This application allows you to send all types of files such as PDF, APK, Zip, and others, and you can also send them via your browser.
  • Download Whats Packed 2 ads

Whatsapp Tricks: Running Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on One Android Device

As we know we cannot use two Whatsapp in one device. Here I will explain How to Use Many Whatsapp Accounts on one device. Just simply follow the steps given. Here we use OG Whatsapp which is an alternative to Whatsapp. OG Whatsapp allows you to use Multiple Whatsapp accounts on your smartphone.

  • First backup all data and conversations from Whatsapp.
  • Now open Settings >> Apps >> Manage apps >> Whatsapp >>and click on Clear Data .
  • Next, open your Whatsapp folder and rename it to OG Whatsapp.
  • Then delete the original Whatsapp.
  • Download and install OGWhatsapp on your mobile. You can search and download the APK file search on Google, or directly at this address ( http://ogwhatsapp.en.uptodown.com/android ) or get the latest via the download button below:

This is not OGWhatsapp, OGWatsapp is included in 9apps, you can install OGWhatsapp when you install 9apps.

  • After downloading and installing OGWhatsapp on your mobile. Click Continue, then fill in the cellphone number that you are using on the original Whatsapp account.
  • Now for the other numbers please go to Playstore then download and install the original Whatsapp then fill in your other cellphone number in it and now you have two Whatsapp accounts on one cellphone.
  • After doing all the steps now you can easily use 2 Whatsapp accounts on the same device.

Whatsapp Tricks: Recover Deleted Messages and Chat From WhatsApp

Sometimes we delete WhatsApp conversations due to accident or may be erased by several other causes.

So if you accidentally delete Whatsapp chat and want to restore it again then don’t worry here I have a simple method of how you can recover messages deleted from Whatsapp.

If you don’t know then first let me tell you that Whatsapp backs up all your daily conversations and is saved in the .db.crypt file. So you can recover up to 7 days of Chat history from your Whatsapp account. Just follow the steps below.

Whatsapp Tricks: Recover Deleted Messages and Chat From WhatsApp

Every time you delete your chat accidentally, please uninstall your Whatsapp and reinstall it. While after the reinstallation process, it will ask you to select ” Recover ” just click on it and you will find all the chats on your Whatsapp again.


  • So here is another method for returning deleted chats.
  • Go to SD Card >> Whatsapp >> Database and you will find this msgstore.db.crypt file containing all your messages sent or received on the same day. You will also see another file msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt this file contains all messages sent or received in the last 7 days.
  • You can open these files with a simple text editor.
  • So now you can read all your Whatsapp messages.


Whatsapp tricks: Download WhatsApp for PC and Laptop

If you have a PC / Laptop then you can easily use Whatsapp on your PC. In this method, I will explain How to Use Whatsapp on a PC or Laptop. To download and use Whatsapp for PC here I use Bluestacks an android emulator that helps you to play and use all android applications on a PC or Laptop.

  • First, download and install Bluestacks ( http://www.bluestacks.com/ ) on PC / Laptop.
  • Open the application and search for Whatsapp in the search bar.
  • Install Whatsapp on Bluestacks and verify your number. So with this method, you can use WhatsApp on PC / Laptop too.

This is not Bluestacks, Bluestacks is included in 9apps, you can install Bluestacks when you install 9apps.

Whatsapp Tricks: Make Shortcuts for Important Contacts

If you want to talk to just a few people or you only talk to these people, then you don’t need to open your Whatsapp and look for your best friends, scroll up or down. You can create a Contact Shortcut on the screen and immediately chat with them from Shortcuts.

  • Just tap the contact you want to create a shortcut.
  • Then it will display a small pop up then click “Add Conversation Shortcut”.

Whatsapp Tricks: Stop Auto Downloading Pictures and Videos on WhatsApp

There are lots of pictures and videos I send to friends and family. And they also sent lots of pictures and videos back to me. Also in the Group, people share lots of pictures and video clips and sometimes we don’t know how to stop this madness. Don’t worry WhatsApp also has a built-in feature where you can stop Auto downloading Images and Videos.

Whatsapp Tricks: Stop Auto Downloading Pictures and Videos on WhatsApp

  • Open your WhatsApp settings.
  • Click on Chat Settings.
  • Then click on Media Auto Download and change the settings according to your choice.

Best Whatsapp tricks to hide sent images using other images

Do you want to betray your friends? use this trick will really help you to make your friends confused. With this simple and best WhatsApp trick you can hide your original image behind another image so that every time someone clicks on an image, they will only see hidden images, so with this trick, you can confuse them.

Best Whatsapp tricks to hide sent images using other images

  • Download and install the Magiapp application ( http://www.downloads.ws/android/app/com-magiapp ) on your Android phone

This is not Magiapp, Magiapp is included in 9apps, you can install Magiapp when you install 9apps.

  • iPhone users can install FhumbApp ) from the Apple Store.
  • Now install the application on your mobile. This application lets you hide the original image behind another image and you can send it to your friends.

Whatsapp Tricks: Hide Picture Profiles Whatsapp

If you are new to Whatsapp and don’t know How to Hide Your Whatsapp Profile Profile so that no other user can see your profile photo, mostly in the Group, then you can make some simple settings in Whatsapp privacy settings and Hide your profile photo so that there are no who can see it.

Whatsapp Tricks: Hide Picture Profiles Whatsapp

  • Open Whatsapp Settings >> Account >> Privacy .
  • You will find a Picture Profile option, click on it.
  • Now please choose to be visible only by the contact  or No Body so that no one can see it.

Whatsapp Tricks: How to Stop Whatsapp Images Shown in Photo Album or Gallery

All photos and videos are seen in photo albums or galleries on mobile. Whatsapp pictures and videos also appear on a photo album or Gallery. But if you do not want to display your Whatsapp pictures and videos in a photo album or Gallery, please follow this method and you will be able to stop the Whatsapp pictures and videos that appear on your photo album or Gallery.

For Android Users

  • You have to have File Explorer or if you have it then that’s good.
  • Here I use ES File Explorer.
  • Now go to your Whatsapp folder and create a new file with the file name nomedia.
  • Now your Whatsapp Pictures and Videos will not be displayed in Gallery or Photo Album.

For iOS Users

  • Go to setting options.
  • Click on privacy settings.
  • Select the Photos option below and uncheck the Whatsapp image option.
  • Now Whatsapp images will not appear in Photo Album or Gallery on iOS devices.

Whatsapp Tricks for iOS Users: How to Stop Whatsapp Images Shown in Photo Album or Gallery

Whatsapp tricks: Make fake conversations and messages on Whatsapp

This is an amazing WhatsApp trick You can make fake conversations and messages for example with celebrities or presidents Jokowi maybe so you can get your friends fooled and mesmerized. follow the steps given and you can enjoy this amazing trick to make fake conversations on Whatsapp.

  • Download and install the Whatsaid application ( http://www.mediafire.com/download/e9e4bzepnxc71b2/WhatSaid.apk ) on your mobile.

What is not Whatsaid, What is included in 9apps, you can install Whatsaid when you install 9apps.

  • With the help of this application, you can make fake conversations and amaze your friends.

Whatsapp Tricks: Move Whatsapp Messages from One Phone to Another Phone

If you buy a new cellphone or want to move Whatsapp messages to your new phone, with this simple Whatsapp Tricks you can easily move your Whatsapp messages to other phones.

  • Before installing Whatsapp on your new mobile.
  • First open File Manager >> Whatsapp Folder.
  • Then click on the Database in the Whatsapp folder then copy all the files to your PC.
  • Now install Whatsapp on your new Phone and copy all previous data from the PC to the new Whatsapp mobile folder.

Whatsapp Tricks: Last Viewed Hiding or Check Blue on Whatsapp

Every time we send a message to friends and family, and when they read our message, it will show us a blue check which means other people have read our message.

If the check is gray it means other people accept our message, but don’t see. So if you don’t want to show your presence on Whatsapp and want to hide the last option seen then here I have a solution. Just follow the steps below.

Whatsapp Tricks: Last Viewed Hiding or Check Blue on Whatsapp

  • Go to settings >> Account >> Privacy Settings.
  • Select the option ” Last Seen “.
  • Click on “No Body” so this is how you can hide the last seen on Whatsapp and no one can see when you used Whatsapp the last time.
  • Open Settings >> Account >> Privacy .
  • Uncheck the Read Receipts option so this will hide the blue check and when you see the message, the user cannot see the blue check from you.

Whatsapp Tricks: Using Whatsapp on the Web

Whatsapp Tricks: Using Whatsapp on the Web

You can also use WhatsApp in Chrome Browser or Firefox. Quite simply, please open Whatsapp You >> click on the settings and you will see the option Whatsapp site clicks on it.

Now open Chrome Browser goes to web.whatsapp.com. Scan the code with your mobile, then Whatsapp will sync all Whatsapp contacts in the browser so you can enjoy Whatsapp on the browser. So when you use Facebook or do other work, you don’t have to check your phone to read Whatsapp messages.

Don’t close Whatsapp when using on the Web. This will disconnect the network between the web and Whatsapp.

Whatsapp tricks: How to find out who is online and not on Whatsapp

Do you want to know who are your contacts who are online on your Whatsapp? You only need to install an application called WhatsDog. With the application, you will find out who is online on WhatsApp and can immediately get friends to chat.

Whatsapp Tricks: Find Out If We Are in Someone’s Block on Whatsapp

Whereas to find out whether we are blocked or not by someone, it is actually easy to find out, that is, if we cannot see the profile picture and status of that person, usually we have been blocked by that person, but to establish it, there is another way to prove that we have blocked by that person, that is the way you try to create a group and invite that person, if not it means that we really have been completely blocked by that contact.

That is the Best Whatsapp Tips and Tricks that we can convey, hopefully, it is useful for those of you who are learning about the WhatsApp instant messaging application.

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