10 Tips for Making Your Posts Easily Read by Visitors


10 Tips for Making Your Posts Easily Read by Visitors:-

Posts (writing) is one of the important factors for the success of a blog. Easy-to-read posts will help visitors understand what the writing is.

No matter how good your writing is, if it’s not made in a good structure, it’s certainly hard for visitors to read.

How to make the post structure easy for visitors to read? Here are 11 tips which are my personal experiences.

1. Express the Source of Posts:-

Are these posts from your personal experience, your online search results, translations of English posts, quotes from other people’s writings, and so on. By expressing it, visitors to your blog will feel respect for you.

2. Make a Short Paragraph:-

Generally consists of 3-5 sentences. If your paragraph is long, visitors will quickly get bored and tired.

3. Create post subtitles (if needed):-

Usually, this is in the form of important points that you want to describe. If you use WordPress, good subtitles are used using the Heading 3 format.

4. Gun number or bullet point:-

This is suitable if you describe the example of no more than 5 pieces. See an example of using bullet points below:

  • How to make an Avatar on WordPress
  • How to install plugins on WordPress
  • Techniques to improve Alexa blog

5. Create a table:-

This is suitable for making samples or lists of more than 5 pieces. For example, you can see in my post about Blogger first face off.

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6. Insert a picture that is suitable or interesting:-

Avoid using excessive images (usually no more than 3 pieces). This can be your snapshot, internet, cartoon, or animated image.

7. Use popular grammar:-

Avoid using words that are not understood by common people, such as regional languages, slang languages, and foreign languages other than English.

8. Try not to post too long:-

Usually, this is no more than 1000 words. If you use WordPress, you can check it on the Word count (under the body of the post).

9. Bold, title, or color according to some of the words that you consider important. This will make it easier for readers to identify these words.

10. Make a link to the related text. This related article can be the writing that you have or someone else’s writing. This will help the reader to find out more about the topic you are reviewing.

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